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Glotrac Station

Glotrac Station was a million dollar space tracking site housed in a large 50 foot by 10 foot trailer crammed with sophisticated electronic equipment. The Southampton station located near Gibb's Hill was one of six sites using X-band frequencies to track rockets launched from Cape Kennedy. Although the Southampton station had connections with the NASA tracking at Coopers Island, for the most part it operated on its own. glotrack station

The station had been functioning for about ten years when it was decided that the type of system being used was no longer as effective as it initially was consequently, an announcement was made that the station would close in December of 1969. The three man staff would be transferred out to Cooper's Island, the equipment would be deactivated and shipped back to the United States. However another announcement was made toward the end of December of that same year that the Southampton station would stay open for another six months . No reason was given for the postponement.