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Power Plant

The Station's Power Plant housed seven diesel generators having the capability of producing a maximum power output of 3.2 mega watts and supplied all the power needed for the operation of the station.

Leon Smith

In January 1961,  Mr Smith joined the Cooper's Island staff as a diesel mechanic in the station's power plant. Mr Smith was responsible for maintaining and repairing the generators to ensure a steady and uninterrupted power supply.


Bill Isaac

Michael Perinchief :(1963 - Nov 1969)

Reginald Pearman

Kenneth Outerbridge

Eugene Foley

(Blackie) Bean

Greg Smith

James Welch

Peter Wilson :(1965 -1969)

"I was employed at Coopers Island as an Electrical Power Plant Operator, from 1965-1969. Fellow plant members whom I can remember were the following: Reginal Pearman, Kenneth Outerbridge, William (Bill) Issac, George DeCosta (deceased), Eugene Foley (deceased), Vernon (Bishob) Furbert (deceased). Plant Mechanics, Leon (Caladonia) Smith, George (Chicken) Welch. The Plant Manager was Richard (Dick) Dole. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of those years nevertheless, A very special event for me while working there was that I had the opportunity of spending a day up in one of NASA's airplanes, a Lockheed Constallation, NASA 421 performing station calibration checks."

Stan Thomas

Norman Smith

Edward Tuckett