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Stanford University Project

It was in August of 2008 that Bermuda College Electronics department received a surprise request from Stanford University to install a VLF receiver at the college for the purpose of Scientific Research. No question about it, this was a God sent gift! We were so blessed to be selected to participate in such an important experiment.Very Low Frequency(VLF) Antenna

After formal negotions were made between our Executive, Department Heads, and Key Players from both sides, a Stanford representative arrived with equipment and expertise.

Stanford explained to us that they conduct experiments regarding extremely low and very low frequency (ELF/VLF) wave propagation and ionospheric percipitation. This work utilizes a VLF receiver designed and constructed at Stanford; a key focus of the research is in studying lightening and related phenomena.

In addition, Bermuda is in a scientifically strategic location to monitor the effects of hurricanes progressing off the East Coast of America, as well as the very interesting behavior of activity in the geomagnetic conjugate region of the Antarctic Peninsula. We were informed that the research is being funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) which resulted in minimal cost to Bermuda College.

Analysing data from computer GPS antenna next to weather station