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Plant Maintenance

Ainsworth Burgess    (Carpentry)

Keith Burgess (Carpentry)

Richard Burroughs

Greatfield  Carmichael    (Janitor)

Eric Cave  (Draftsman)

Allan Furbert    (Mechanic)

Fred Goring   (Office Clerk)

Eugene Harvey  June 1967 - 1998    (Janitor)

Brian Northcott    (Air Conditioning)

Burton Paynter    (Maint)

Lynn Paynter    (Maint)

Richard Pearson  

Belwin Smith May 68 - July 75   (Carpentry)

Kenneth Smith    (Janitor) 

Leon Steed    (Janitor)

Vincent Steede (Janitor)

Reginald Todd    (Air Conditioning)

Clarence Tucker  (Paint Shop)

Charles Trott    1968-1972    (Air Conditioning)

W.C.N. (Calvin) Trott    July 1960 - ? was assigned to the Tracking Station as an electrician.  In this capacity, he assisted in the installation and maintenance of the electrical equipment comprising of various tracking systems. Mr Trott was instrumental in the installation of a complex testing and monitoring system (ASTAM- Automated System Test and Monitoring which was used for the first time during Apollo 14.    (Source: Bda Sun 01/30/1971)

Claude (Ly Boy) Waldron    (Maint)

Milfred Waldron    (Janitor)

Phillip Welch   was one of a group who waged a continual war against the elements.

"Because of our location there was a never ending battle against the elements. Corrosion was a big problem and caused a lot more work. Phillip, who was attached to antenna maintenance, was a machinist by trade and turned out many repair parts in stainless steel.    "This of course, is a costly business but in the long run it is cheaper. Stainless will save money at the end of the day because it does not rust easily. "Believe it or not metal will actually crumble in out here in a given period. We were forever taking steps to prevent corrosion." Maintenance crews at Cooper's Island used special paints to protect steelwork.    (Source: RG 03/22/1969) 

McDonald Woolridge    (Paint Shop)

Alfred Wright    1964-1971    (Jr Mechanic)