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FPQ6 CavePoseiden missile from Wikipedia Storage Cave

During the 'Cold War' between the Soviet Union and the United States, the Cooper's Island Tracking Station would be called on to support some mysterious tracking missions. Radar would be given look angles and the Control Room would be asked to set the plot boards to record the activity. Everything was classified, most of us did not know what we were tracking, all we were told was a mission number and the time to start tracking. The next day we would find out from the news media of a Posiden missile launch or some other mysterious object shot into our area. Even then we could only guess as to what it was.
What about those caves? There were a number of caves located on both the Base and Cooper's Island property. There was a tremendous amount of stuff stored in those caves. It was also rumored that nuclear torpedoes were kept there. In the event the Russians made an attack, the U.S. could retaliate from Bermuda.